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Welcome to Shinkyu, we offer a wide variety of classes and services to appeal to everyone from young families to adults

Shinkyu Karate

Is a family orientated club. As a style, Shinkyu Karate combines modern training and techniques with traditional values to create a martial art based on practical and effective self-defence skills, while also maintaining the traditional values of Japanese Karate.

Karate is especially great for kids as it builds their focus and concentration as well as developing self-discipline, which improves school grades and behaviour. Children also participate in our anti-bullying and safety awareness programmes. Click on the icon to find out more.

Shinkyu Combat

Is best described as a self-defence based mixed martial art. It combines strong stand-up fighting skills with practical, context driven self-defence. This includes grappling, ground fighting, weapon defences and multiple attackers — everything you need to know to handle all the most statistically probable self-defence situations.

Not only is Shinkyu Combat a truly practical art, it is fantastic for your fitness, as well as being exciting and empowering to learn. Classes are based on age. There are adult and teen only classes for those 14yrs and older and mixed classes for anyone 7yrs or older. Click on the icon to find out more.

Shinkyu Dragons

Is Shinkyu Karate’s school club programme. Running after or before school classes for infants and primary age children. The Shinkyu Dragons programme is designed to provide an engaging and valuable experience for children, improving discipline, confidence, co-ordination and concentration while teaching valuable self-defence life skills. Click on the icon to find out more.

Our success in many schools is down to our engaging syllabus, great relationships between our instructors, parents and teachers and our anti-bullying and safety awareness programmes.

Shinkyu Self-Defence

Runs specialist courses and workshops for the public or organisations. Typically these are on subjects like women’s self defence, physical intervention skills training, or courses for children such as safety awareness and anti-bullying. Our experienced full-time instructors are happy to put together bespoke training for the needs of specific organisations or groups. Click on the icon to find out more.