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What is the best martial art?

An age-old question that plagues all martial artists once in their life is what is the best martial art? The answer to this question has many answers. Some will say the art that they train in is the best to them. As an example, a lifelong Brazilian ju jitsu practitioner may have the view that […]

Karate Evolution v Extinction

There is a famous martial arts quote stating “Follow not in the footsteps of the masters instead seek what they sought”. At face value, this quote is telling you to look for the principles that the old masters were training rather than the techniques. Looking deeper it’s saying look at the master’s goal for training. […]

A Wise Sensei Once Said In A Dojo Not So Far Away

A Wise Sensei Once Said in A Dojo Not So Far away is a collection of quotes/training tips from a collection of modern and historical martial artists with analysis from the author. some of the quotes/tips featured are from leading industry experts such as Iain Abernethy, Kris Wilder and also historical figures such as Choki […]

Palm Strikes Vs Punches

Palm Strikes vs Punches   Many reputable self-defence instructors teach palm strikes rather than punches. The question is why? The reality of the matter is there are pros and cons to both techniques, and you need to see what suits you.   The biggest argument for palm strikes and against punches is that there is […]

Why martial artists should hit stuff.

Why martial artists should hit stuff Well first and foremost karate and combat are percussion arts and therefore how can you measure the effectiveness of your technique if you only ever kick or punch thin air? Also by never testing your technique you risk injuring yourself through poor training habits such as bent wrists or […]

The Blue Belt Blues – Regaining your martial motivation.

The blue belt blues. In the martial arts students often stall in their progress, they feel frustrated and often struggle with motivation, this frequently happens at blue belt, but it can happen to any students of any grade. Why do we stall? Typically when we start karate our learning curve is very steep- we feel […]

Why only learning sport fighting will let you down in self-defence.

It is one of my pet hates when sport fighting clubs like some tournament orientated karate schools, kickboxing clubs and Jujitsu clubs advertise that they teach self-defence. What they do is okay for some situations but consider this: Roughly 40% of self defence situations involve multiple attackers, which by its nature is a very dangerous […]

How your reticular activating system focuses you life.

The brain is an amazing organ, it takes in and records all the information from all five or our senses. If we had access to all of our memories and were flooded with stimulus from all of our senses all the time we would struggle to focus. So to prevent us from being over whelmed […]

Training Intent

Intent is something that is by no means easy to have for most of us. Believe it or not most people join martial arts clubs to learn self defence and the most common conception is that you will learn to fight. One of my old instructors used to say “anyone can throw a punch, in […]

What is Osteopathy

What Is Osteopathy?  Eddy Cooper   Our bodies are subject to many kinds of stress (physical and emotional) every minute of the day. We are designed to combat these stresses and do so when we have a healthy immune system, optimal sleep and nutrition. Sometimes our immune system can be impaired or the stresses and […]