Karate Terminology

Basic Strikes Chudan tsuki Stomach level punch Jodan tsuki Head level punch Yoko uraken Side Backfist Strike Mawashi empi Round Elbow Strike     Basic Blocks Jodan age uke Rising head level block Haiwan uke Forearm block Soto uke Outside hooking block Gedan barai Downward block Kake uke Hooking block Oshikomu uke Pushing block Shuto

Dirty Kata

To explain what dirty kata is, let us explain how kata is usually clean.  As kata is the art form/performance side of karate there is a strong emphasis on precision, balance, control, poise, dramatic timing and expression. This performance aspect of kata has been further characterised by the tournament/competition kata which prizes it. As a result,

Bunkai and Oyo

Bunkai Bunkai literally means “analysis” or “disassembly” in Japanese but in the context of karate, it refers to the self-defence applications or intent behind a technique or sequence in a kata, which is often not obvious. To understand and unravel the mysteries of Bunkai you must understand a little of its history. A lot of