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6 Jai Apartments , 56 athlestan Road, Romford, Essex,, RM3 0QH.

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Focused on practical and effective self-defence skill for both adult and children. Chelmsford and Waltham Forest.

Shinkyu offers two kinds of classes to suit different ways people like to train.

Shinkyu Karate

In family orientated classes, as a style, Shinkyu Karate combines modern training and techniques with traditional values to create a martial art based on practical and effective self-defence skills, while also maintaining the traditional values of Japanese Karate.

Karate is especially great for kids as it builds their focus and concentration as well as developing self-discipline, which improves school grades and behaviour. Children also participate in our anti-bullying and safety awareness programmes


Shinkyu Combat

Is best described as a self-defence based mixed martial art. It combines strong stand-up fighting skills with practical, context driven self-defence. This includes grappling, ground fighting, weapon defences and multiple attackers — everything you need to know to handle all the most statistically probable self-defence situations.

Not only is Shinkyu Combat a truly practical art, it is fantastic for your fitness, as well as being exciting and empowering to learn. Classes are based on age. There are adult and teen only classes for those 14yrs and older and mixed classes for anyone 7yrs or older.


Locations: 10 classes a week in Chelmsford and Witham.  6 classes a week running in Leyton and Leytonstone. 1 class in Palmers Green.

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Tel: 03330124521


Our customer service team and our instructors are there to help our students experience a rich and rewarding martial arts journey. There are many benefits to training in Shinkyu: self-defence, fitness and confidence being high on the list. Your aspirations and goals are important to us, and our talented and experienced instructors are there to help you achieve them!

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While a lot of clubs don’t like advertising their prices, we can’t rave enough about ours and at £4.50 or less per class, why wouldn’t we. Our simple direct debit fees structure is designed to help you get the most out of your training by encouraging you to train at least twice a week. This helps you quickly develop reflexive skills that you can rely on and also dramatically improves your fitness, so you get both value and results from your training.

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Positive and Empowering

While the subject matter in our classes is serious, we make sure that have a positive and empowering training atmosphere that builds confidence as you improve both your fitness levels and also your skill sets. Not to mention that learning self-defence in itself is one of the most empowering things you can do. We will make sure you get a warm welcome when come to our classes.

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Well rounded and cutting edge

Shinkyu is not limited to the rules of sporting competitions nor are we bound to stick to a narrow traditional syllabus. While our major focus is on stand up self-defence you will learn grappling, ground fighting, dirty self-defence tactics as well doing context training and learning de-escalation skills. All of this to make sure you have reflexive skills to deal with all the most statistically probably self defence situations. We are absolutely committed to honing, developing and evolving our craft. Whether that takes the form of developing our martial arts and making sure we are passing on rigorously test skills and techniques or learning the latest teaching tools or working on our communication and service.

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Shinkyu Martial Arts - Martial Arts Classes in Romford

About Us

Self-defence based mixed martial arts

We did our homework to give you the best of all worlds: A true self-defence based mixed martial art, adopting all the best techniques and strategies from the world’s best martial arts including karate, kickboxing, krav maga, judo, jiu-jitsu, MMA and even a little aikido.

In the past 25 years, there has been a movement of Mixed Martial Arts. So rather than following the narrow doctrine of a traditional style martial artists learn several arts and adopt a philosophy of using “whatever works” or “what works best”. Shinkyu Combat is an art born of this philosophy. We are also not limited to the rules of sporting competitions, nor training in our club focused on trying to win accolades in competitions. Our focus is delivering real-world, self-defence skills.

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